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Trade Safely Online

Trade Safely & Avoid Being Scammed

Trade Safely – We care about your safety online.

NEVER transfer money to someone you don’t know. Our recommendations to ensure you buy and sell your wedding items safely on Capriess. We NEVER recommend for you to send or wire money; you should only ever trade in person.

We can’t stand people who try to scam others – we don’t tolerate any sort of behaviour like this on Capriess!

To make sure you’re as safe as possible when trading wedding items on Capriess, please follow carefully our advice and our apparent “Trade Safely” message everywhere on our website and email communications.

If you feel you’re being scammed (or have any other issues with your safety online) please do not hesitate to email us right away via our Contact Page. Emma, our Customer Service Rock Star is here to help.

Besides Emma’s support, we’ve also put together this list below to help you trade more safely.

Safely Tips for our awesome Buyers

  • Capriess is all about community. Therefore we strongly insist that all transactions take place locally and in person. When trading in person, it’s best always to take someone else with you when exchanging money and always meet in a public place.
  • Capriess does not offer Buyers any ‘buyer’ protection.
  • If you’re unable to speak to the Seller to arrange an inspection in person then we firmly suggest you do not go ahead with the transaction.
  • Use your common sense and instincts, if anything feels off stop contact immediately.
  • You should always scrutinise items in person before making a payment in person.
  • Because you should only trade in person, you should NEVER (EVER) transfer money to overseas bank accounts or use payment services such as the Western Union and Money Gram. These types of transfers are prohibited and are not allowed when using Capriess. And for goodness sake, please do NOT scan a copy of a bank cheque and send it to the Seller.

Scamwatch is a great website that offers other things you can do to be safe when buying or selling items online. But as mentioned above, please always feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Safety Tips for our friendly Sellers on how to create a safe ad

  • Avoid including information in your ad that identifies you personally if it’s not necessary –
    Don’t put your phone number in your ad – if you don’t want people to be able to contact you.
  • Use your common sense and instincts, if anything feels off stop contact immediately.
  • Make it clear that you will only accept cash for the item. Any other form of payment is not allowed on Capriess.
  • Agree to meet during daylight hours in a public place and bring a friend to accompany you.
  • Don’t accept partial payment or anything other than cash for the transaction. If the method of payment changes from your previous agreement walk away from the deal.
  • If the item being sold has significant value, meet inside a bank where you can deposit the money before leaving – this way the buyer can’t turn around and rob you.
  • Capriess does not offer Sellers any ‘seller’ protection.
  • Because you should only trade in person, you should NEVER (EVER) accept money from overseas buyers or foreign bank accounts. Never accept payment services such as Western Union and Money Gram. Make sure to only trade in person and if the Buyer refuses then don’t proceed with the transaction.
  • Don’t sell to an overseas buyer, Capriess is a marketplace only for people residing and living in Australia.
  • Don’t respond to mobile text messages from Buyers who ask you to send them an email and a phone number.
  • Don’t trust a Buyer who offers to pay more than your asking price.
  • Don’t do business with Buyers who can only be contacted via email.

For more information about online safety in selling through a classifieds website, please visit Scamwatch.

Listed below are some things you can do to eliminate the risk of Selling and Buying pre-loved wedding items online via Capriess.

For Sellers:

Q. What to do if the Buyer is a scammer, for example, the Buyer asks you to post your item, and they never pay for it?

A. We strongly suggest meeting in-person to avoid any such incident happening.

Q. What if you meet the Buyer and they run off with your item and don’t pay?

A. Meet in a public place with another person. Because we manually read and check every first message the Buyer sends to you via Capriess, we can reduce the risk of this happening by blocking the Buyer from contacting you in the future if their first message seems out of the ordinary.

Q. What to do if the Buyer abuses you either verbally or physically?

A. You should never feel scared or intimidated so always meet in a public place with someone else.

Q. What happens if you have been paid in person with counterfeit or fake money?

A. If you’re selling an item of significant value, try to meet in a bank to exchange the money and your item.

For Buyers:

Q. What happens if you feel unsafe, threatened or violated when you meet the Seller?

A. Meet in a public place with another person and simply walk away if you feel uncomfortable – there shouldn’t be any pressure from the seller for you to buy their item.

Q. What happens if the items you inspect in person aren’t as described (i.e. the items are damaged or fake)?

A. Carefully check and evaluate the item in person before purchasing it. Feel free to ask the Seller for a copy of a receipt, a certificate of authenticity and an evaluation report.

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