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Seller’s Etiquette

Seller’s Etiquette

To ensure everyone experiences a fair, enjoyable and polite experience on Capriess you should be at least 18 years old to access and use this website. You should know that you are solely responsible for all information that you submit to Capriess and any consequences that may result from your post – so don’t blame your mother, dog or cat if something goes wrong!
If you post anything on Capriess which is inappropriate we will delete it, or worse we will at our discretion restrict your use of this website permanently – so please make sure you always act in a respectful and responsible manner.

Please don’t be cheeky and post the same or substantially similar wedding item in more than one category – we will find out. For example, your wedding dress should be posted under the “wedding dress” category and not “doubled-up” within the “wedding decorations” category. If you have any questions about which categories you should post your items, please send Emma a message via our Contact Us page.

Now into more technical things about using and posting on Capriess. You are not allowed to use any technological measures to restrict the manner in which content is posted on Capriess. In other words, don’t be a smart ass and use nerdy technology to automatically post stuff on Capriess. This includes, without limitation, a ban on the use of multiple email addresses (created via an email address generator or otherwise); the use of multiple IP addresses (via proxy servers, modem toggling, or otherwise); CAPTCHA circumvention, automation or outsourcing; multiple and/or fraudulent accounts, including phone-verified accounts; URL shortening, obfuscation or redirection; use of multiple phone lines or phone forwarding for verification; and content obfuscation via HTML techniques, printing text on images, inserting random text or content “spinning.”

You should post all items for sale personally and manually through all the steps of the posting process. Please do not develop, offer, market, sell, distribute or provide an automated means to perform any step of the posting process. We put so much time and effort into making sure it’s easy as possible to list items on Capriess. So we would hate to know you have tricked us by using software that bypasses our steps to have your item listed on Capriess.

Please do not message, hassle or annoy our gorgeous sellers with silly marketing messages (or messages that are not relevant to the item they are selling). We check every single message that is sent to our Sellers so will easily be able to see if you are being sneaky.

Just so there is no miscommunication, here is a list of some reasons why we may delete your ad:

  • If the Ad breaches any of the rules we mentioned above
  • Breaches of Australian law
  • The item being offered for sale is not allowed to be sold on Capriess
  • The ad is a duplicate of another ad previously posted
  • Posted under wrong category
  • Ads posted in a language other than English. Capriess is an Australian site, so we would appreciate if your ad is in English or no one will understand it!
  • Sorry users from overseas, for now Capriess is for Australian based users and therefore we only accept ads from Australia
  • Let’s keep a clean and well organised site. So we kindly ask that you do not post external website links in your ad
  • Please put some effort into your description. Ads that do not provide enough detail will be placed on hold or removed as this makes for a bad browsing experience
  • Inappropriate language – Don’t swear
  • Inappropriate photo / image – How do you expect to sell something if you have a shitty photo? So please try your best to take a decent photo
  • Discriminatory on race / religion / nationality / gender / etc.

Our Sellers Etiquette was updated in April 2017 and if you have questions in regards to anything you have read here please message Emma via our Contact Page.

Stay safe and we wish you happy Selling (and buying) on Capriess 🙂

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