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Sell Your Wedding Decorations Online

Sell Your Wedding Decorations Online

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How to make your listing stand out!

Reselling your preloved decor can sometimes be difficult so we've compiled a few tips below to give you the best chance of making your ad stand out, attracting more views from interested buyers!

Tip #1: Each item should have a separate ad

If you have 3 different decorations to sell (i.e. birdcages, a backdrop and some chair sashes), you should create separate ad listings for each. This is recommended because buyers are less likely to be looking for a 'set' of items. Instead they would search for specific wedding decorations such as a 'birdcage' or some 'chair sashes'. Buyers are more likely to find your items if you have them listed in separate ads.

Tip #2: Write a clear and concise title

Most buyers are looking for a specific type of wedding decoration. Ads with descriptive titles are most likely to be viewed first.

Some general tips on writing a title are:

  • Describe in detail the type of decoration you are selling
  • Include an adjective (a describing word) that clearly paints a picture in the buyer’s mind of exactly the type of item you are selling (i.e. 'vintage' birdcage, 'pink & purple' bouquets etc.)
  • Mention the number of items in the set/listing (i.e ‘Four’ contemporary flower crystal centerpieces or ‘two’ matching Champaign flutes etc.)

Tip #3: Show the decoration in use

If you are selling centrepieces or flower arrangements show them on the table at the wedding as well as any detail that would make the decoration appear even more special.

Tell a story with your pictures so the buyer can better understand how your item can be accessorised.

Tip #4: Before selling, clean all decorations and décor

Make sure you have thoroughly washed and cleaned your wedding decorations before listing them for sale.

Tip #5: Share your ad

Once you are happy with your listing, we encourage you to share your ad across your social media to help spread the word about your wedding decorations!

When's a good time to sell?

As soon as your wedding day has passed. The sooner you can sell your wedding decoration (or any other wedding item such as your wedding dress) the better. The item will still appear brand new and I assume in very good condition compared to an item which has been stored away for years.

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