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Wedding Dress of Your Dreams Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

- $1399

NSW >Bass hill . Date Listed: Mar, 2014

Mar 15, 2014
The Finer Details...


Colour: White
Size 8-10
Original price $4000
Email: [email protected] for any questions

Note: This Wedding gown is absolutely stunning and I designed it myself. The fabric used for this dress is from one of the expensive fabric stores in Sydney and is very well made. This dress also has a mini matching jacket just in case you get cold as the net under the gown is also included.

This wedding dress is full of detail. This one piece strapless wedding dress is absolutely stunning. A soft lace unique pattern throughout the top and bottom of the dress with delicate organza from the waist down. Average length trail and this dress has the right amount of sparkle for you to shine on your wedding day.

Mini jacket: Is the same pattern as the dress with gorgeous sleeves.

My Wedding day:
My favorite Colour is red and this was conveyed on my wedding. The Groomsmen wore a black suit, with a black dressy shirt and vest and the tie was red. The bridesmaids wore silver shoes as they wore a gorgeous 2 piece romantic red satin formal dress and held a white rose bouquet with sparkly studs. I held a red rose bouquet with sparkly studs and I also held a white vintage umbrella at the city when taking photos with the bridal party and the photos were absolutely beautiful.

Serious buyers only

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