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Wedding Decorations Package approx 100ppl Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations Package approx 100ppl

NSW >Sydney . Date Listed: Apr, 2019

Apr 15, 2019
The Finer Details...

This is a package of table coverings, glasses and more to be sold as one lot. This will set up your wedding in one go, giving you a big head start to your decorating. White, Blue/Teale and Gold colour scheme. Why spend the same to rent all this when you can buy it, not worry about any breakages, then sell it again later or keep it forever?

Package includes: White Chair Covers, Gold Chair Sashes, White Table Cloths, Teale Table Runners, Gold Decorative Table Runners, Glass Champagne Flutes, Glass Wine Glasses, Glass Water Bottle Jugs and Glass Vases.

Pick up is from either the Central Coast (near The Entrance) or North Sydney. No delivery unless negotiated and near to, or between, the two pick up locations.


Chair Covers x 100
(98 used & washed, 1 used washed and with pink tint, 1 unused and in packet)
• Material: Spandex Lycra
• Stretched lycra, just simply stretch the cover and put it on the chair.
• 4 Elasticated foot pockets
• Machine Washable. Wrinkle Resistant, no need to iron the cover
• Chair size: The best length is 43-50 cm.
• The best width is 45-53 cm.
• The best height is 76-100 cm approx.
• Style: Arched Front (allows room for guests feet)
• Colour: White

Chair Sashes x 80
Washed and ironed
• 30 x 100 cm each
• Unsure of material but more cotton like rather than silk/lycra/nylon (this makes it a rougher and thicker material that can hold its shape)

Table Cloths x 12 (all approx 1.2m wide, below are the lengths and number of that length)
1.6m x 4
2.15m x 4
4.45m x 2
6.85m x 1
2.7m x 1
• Fit Tables 1m wide
• White
• Sewn hem

Table Runners approx total 40m (all 35cm wide, below are the lengths and numbers of that length)
1.95m x 6
2.4m x 1
3.9m x 1
5.8m x 1
7.2m x 3
• Blue
• sewn hem
• cut to match table run lengths

Gold Runners approx 45m (all 15cm wide)
• Netted with gold sparkled effect.
• cut to match blue table run lengths

Champagne Flutes x 130
• Capacity: 170ml
• Made of soda lime glass
• Dishwasher safe
• Colour: Clear

Wine Glasses x 136
• Capacity: 250ml
• Made of soda lime glass
• Dishwasher safe
• Colour: Clear

Water Bottle Jugs x 20
• glass
• 1L
• stopper attached at top

Vases x 10
These aqua coloured glass cylinder vases feature a leaf design on the body. Shaped like a bottle with a small neck its opening is 9.5cm wide and the height measures 13.5cm high. Suitable for flower arrangements or tea lights and votive candles.


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