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The perfect gown for the curvy bride!! Wedding Dresses

The perfect gown for the curvy bride!!

SA >Adelaide . Date Listed: Jul, 2013

Jul 21, 2013
The Finer Details...

Curvy? Having trouble finding a fits your voluptuous frame?

Then look no further because this is the dress for you!!

Made by Australian designer, Roz La Kelin, this wedding gown is made from luxe fabric that drapes and bustles around the bodice and is embellished with stunning beading and detail.

The dress is marked 18 but it is more of a size 16 (I was 14-16 at the time, but thought it best to have extra material rather than less!).

It’s never been worn or altered, although an extra metre of fabric is supplied, should you wish to add straps or use the material to wrap the stem of your bouquet.

Bought from Jenny and Gerry’s, it has never been worn, or even seen (they are kindly keeping it in storage for me), hence the lack of any original photographs.

Roz La Kelin have given approval to use their photographs to sell the gown.

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