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Winner of the “SERVCORP Best New Business in Melbourne” Award

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It all began back in 2014

…while Emilia and Socrates were on a road trip to Canberra, after getting bored with 6-hours of I-Spy, they decided to chat about something else…their wedding (gasp!).

Emilia (who has some serious online shopping skills) couldn’t believe how much trouble she was having trying to research and buy wedding items online. Whereas Socrates was more concerned about buying a tonne of ‘wedding stuff’, and never using it again.

The problem felt real so after returning from Canberra (with a bellyful of Bruno’s Truffles), they did some research, got some stats, and launched a website.

A few years later, they’ve received some great feedback from customers and have re-launched Capriess to provide an even better buying and selling experience.

Their Mission

Capriess’ mission is to be the number one trusted marketplace, making dream weddings more affordable for couples by connecting them with more sellers and buyers than any other marketplace.

Tell me more about Emilia and Socrates

Emilia and Socrates met while working in their own start-ups all the way back in 2008. They (finally!) tied the knot in 2016.
This is what they look like:

Today Emilia specialises as digital & business consultant, she also writes for her popular Lifestyle Blog voted Top 5 Lifestyle Blog in Melbourne and designs edgy fashion jewellery which is sold in over 25 boutiques worldwide.

Socrates also has a strong background in digital and works with some pretty cool brands to help them perform better online.

Cool, so how do I get an ad up?

Simple, just register here 🙂

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