Wedding (P)inspiration from Work and Home

Pinterest can help you find visual inspiration for the big day. Unfortunately, it can also paralyse you with its overwhelming numbers of elegantly made-up table settings, amazing ceremony backdrops, cutesy DIY, and ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ dresses. Some pins are sourced from bridal blogs and magazines around the world; some aren’t even taken from real weddings, fuelling unrealistic expectations, budget blowouts, and a wedding that doesn’t reflect its couple.

Instead of looking to the virtual world for inspiration, why not take a look at the real world?

Take stock of the things you surround yourself with at home. Are your shelves and walls dotted with sports trophies, flea market finds, or vinyl? Does your living space aim for sleek and modern, tribal ethnic, or mid-century Danish? Do you have a hoard of nautical paraphernalia, vintage books, or Oriental folk art? Why not incorporate your home décor into wedding décor? With the right amount of styling, almost anything can be turned into a table centrepiece or a conversation starter.

Vintage Books

Are you a lover of vintage books? Why not incorporate them into your wedding decorations?

 And what about work? Does it have faulty merchandise, shop displays, or waste that can be recycled into wedding décor? An empty glass medicine bottle can be converted into a vase for the day, whilst chipped crystal glass can be used to refract and diffuse tea lights. Just remember to ask for permission, preferably in writing, before taking or borrowing items from work.

IV bottles

Once cleaned up, these medicine bottles would make great industrial-looking vases.

If you don’t have enough props, build upon your collection. Borrow from friends. Post ‘WANTED’ ads on Freecycle. Inject some capital into your venture and buy more pieces. Chances are you’ll still be saving money by adding to what you’ve already got, instead of starting from scratch. More importantly, you’ll also be grounding your event in some much-needed personal aesthetic.

Once you’ve found your focus, start your own Pinterest board with a mix of uploaded photos and relevant repins to help give everyone involved a visual idea of your day.


Pinterest Board

Mix and match your Pinterest Board pins with photos of items from home and or work and wedding photos from around the web.



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