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Have a Hassle-Free Hen’s!

Capriess just heard the great news! You’re about to say your I do’s! So as a gift to you, we’ve created this guide, a how-to for your hen’s party for the most astute of Melbournian brides.
Nothing rings more true for a hen’s night than the …

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Bonita Couture – Bridal created by their European inspired atelier in Melbourne

I’m excited to announce that one of the classiest bridal boutiques in Melbourne is having a must see sample sale (scroll down to see details). Bonita Couture, established in 1984, source the most luxurious fabrics from Europe for their collection – the fabrics themselves can sometimes be …

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Wedding Cars

It’s cliché to say that your wedding day is the most important day of your life, but when it comes down to it, no matter what your budget, style, religion or theme, your wedding is one that you want to make not only special for …

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Meet Gemma our Bride of the Month

I’m planning on covering real brides who are either planning or who has already experienced their special wedding day for you all to enjoy reading about each month on our Wedding Blog. Our first Bride of the Month feature blog features the lovely Gemma from Geelong who was …

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croquembouche wedding cake

Types of Wedding Cake Bases – Part Two

In this previous blog post, I spoke about types of wedding cake bases but focused on Fruit Cake bases. What type of cake you have at your wedding really depends on your taste and how you will serve the cake. Some cakes lend themselves to being served …

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wedding photography_ReginaBPhotography-2

5 things to know before hiring a wedding photographer

Before you hire your photographer, even engaging your friend or someone who offers you a free service, here are 5 simple tips to help you avoiding any problems or issues.

1. See their work
Every photographer has their own photography and editing style. Be it a fashion …

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hand coins

Honey, don’t blow the stationery Budget.

“Honey, don’t blow the budget” is what you might hear ringing in your ears by your budget obsessed husband-to-be.

Yes a very important ring I must add!
So here it is. The important steps you need to take while ordering your stationery within your budget
1. Don’t leave …

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Wedding Day Survival Kit

I have had so many brides ask what would they put in a wedding day survival kit!! So here are my top picks for a wedding day survival kit that will be able to handle any wedding day emergency.

*Clear Nail Polish- For any stocking runs
*White …

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Wedding Invitations

While I’m delighted that you’re here reading this, you are probably wondering where to get started.  Sometimes wedding planning can be nothing but one frustration after another and I’m here to tell you how to order the perfect invitations that compliments you, your fiancé and most of …

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Wedding reception

Rain on your wedding day – Planning an outdoor ceremony

When I chat to couples about their wedding ceremony plans, rain is probably the fear I hear most about. Inclement weather is one thing that you cannot control but can plan for.

What can you do to plan for inclement weather?
a)    Wait 10-15 minutes – if …

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wedding cake before icing

Types of Wedding Cake Bases – Part One

What type of cake shall I have for my wedding cake is a question you have to ask yourself which will depend on your taste and how you will serve the cake.

Traditional Fruit Cakes
Hands up all those that would order a heavy/rich fruitcake for their …

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Amanda Wedding 2

DIY Bridal Makeup Tutorial – How to be your own makeup artist

Whether you plan to get married on a secluded island, you just prefer to do your wedding makeup yourself or you’d just like to have an idea of what to expect from your makeup artist, let me share with you my DIY wedding makeup tips …

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Wedding Gown App

Top 5 Wedding Dress iPhone Apps

Firstly I want to say a big thank you to my dear friend Frederique from Women Love Tech. She is the inspiration behind this blog post and personally sent this blog post to me knowing that I love all things wedding. This was too good …

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Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips

In this blog post I share with you some insightful tips that will help you look your best on your special day. No bride should expect anything less than every moment being perfectly captured on their wedding day.
The memory from your big day will be …

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Ania Wedding Photos

Professional Makeup for Professional Wedding Photos

One of the most important aspects of professional photography is professional makeup.  It’s common for women to request to do their own makeup  for their special occasion, photo shoots and sometimes weddings.  But as you probably know, most women get stuck in a makeup rut …

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Ordering Your Wedding Cake – Part 2

Ordering Your Wedding Cake – Part 2

In part one I discussed which things you need to consider. The following choices are individual to each bride and groom’s preference, sense of humour, quirkiness or the bride’s mother’s choice (LOL)! It is your decorator’s job to cater for your every need while at the …

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Wedding Chocolates

Wedding is a once in a lifetime event and there is a great deal of preparation and planning involved in. You really want to be happy and make your guest happy for you.
Back to the old days, both the Mayans and Aztecs believed the cacao …

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Choose your Wedding Cake - Part 2

Ordering Your Wedding Cake – Part 1

I get a lot of orders over the internet asking me for a price for a two, three or four tier wedding cake. This is great to know that people are interested in my cakes but it doesn’t give me sufficient information to provide a …

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Wedding shoes heels

Choose your own bridal shoe adventure

You usually jump at the opportunity to splurge on shoes but you really—pardon the pun—drag your feet when it comes to bridal shoe shopping. Maybe it’s the pressure of finding the exact shade of white that matches your wedding dress or the thought of running …

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Wedding budget ideas 2

Wedding Budget Basics

While weddings are traditionally expensive, wedding budgets come in all shapes and sizes: some couples have $50,000 to work with, some only have $5000. Whatever your case may be, you’re probably thinking that you don’t have enough for that perfect day.
In order to avoid a …

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Wedding Rehearsals – Do you really need one?

Lots of couples ask this question and I must tell you that it is not essential to have a rehearsal, and you certainly don’t need to rehearse every detail of the ceremony if you do decide to have one. Being married to your best friend …

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Wedding (P)inspiration from Work and Home

Pinterest can help you find visual inspiration for the big day. Unfortunately, it can also paralyse you with its overwhelming numbers of elegantly made-up table settings, amazing ceremony backdrops, cutesy DIY, and ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ dresses. Some pins are sourced from bridal blogs and magazines around the …

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Wedding Dress Silhouette Types

Following on from the post I wrote about How to Choose a Wedding Dress for your Body Shape which referred to the silhouettes below, I thought it would be beneficial if I actually described what each of the silhouettes looked like. Some seem straight forward …

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How to choose a wedding dress for your body shape

How to choose a wedding dress for your body shape

Choosing a dress for what might be one of the most important days in your life is a big decision. As a bride to be, I’ve started looking for the perfect wedding dress and want to make sure it looks incredible on as well as …

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Bridal Emergency Kit

The last thing any bride wants to worry about on their wedding day is the possibility of those annoying little mishaps to happen. Avoid any unnecessary drama and stress by planning your wedding day emergency kit ahead of time. Your emergency kit will have the …

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